Monday, August 29, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

First of my firsts... Lyla! As of this weekend, my pookie monster can now sit on her own. She's been sitting unsupported since the week before she turned 6 months old, but now she has mastered the art of sitting up from a lying position. "Wow," you might think. "That's great." I agree. It's amazing to watch her grow and learn. However, one thing I can tell you is nap time just became much more difficult.

Second of my firsts also is another of Lyla's firsts. Also within this short weekend, my baby girl now sleeps from 7pm - 8:30ish am! Major accomplishment for both her and I! She has always been an excellent sleeper and typically slept from 7pm-9pm, woke for a bottle, then was back down from 10pm - 9am. You wouldn't believe the drastic difference now that she's skipping her last bottle and the last cuddle-sesh I miss. After working all day, then racing home to see her for a little less than a hour before putting her down for bed, I'm left a little sad, missing the extra hour to spend holding my baby girl! But I know this is the best for both of us.

As for me, I also have a couple accomplished firsts. Last week I tried my hand at being a domesticated wife. Meaning I planned, couponed, shopped, cooked, and cleaned dinner AND dessert each night. Some attempts were epic fails such as Melissa d'Arabian's (last season's Food Network Star) Sesame Chicken, but others were surprisingly enjoyable (i.e. Giada's Balsamic Glazed Salmon with edamame and snap peas). Can you tell I spent the morning watching Food Network?

Lastly to round out my collection of firsts, I also attempted my hand at crafting. Etsy provided the inspiration, I provided the woman-power! I'm quite pleased to showcase my first couple crafty projects!

Pinwheel mobile

Crayon wreath


Melissa said...

Whoa momma! She is so big and cute. Way to go on all of your hard work. Lyla is a lucky baby :)

carO__ said...

Congrats on all the 1st Kelley. You're crafts are cute too!

And I'm proud of all your house/ wife stuff you did :)

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